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Kid’s Ariat Devon III Zip

Kid’s Ariat Devon III Zip

Your child’s feet continue to grow rapidly until they reach their late teens or early adulthood. Often they will outgrow their boots long before they show any signs of wear. That can prove expensive to parents. Ariat came up with an idea that allows their riding boots to expand in size along with the child’s foot. They call their trademarked solution a Booster Bed. It is an insert that can be removed from the footbed to allow more room as needed for those growing feet. These boots make sense for kids whose feet don’t know when to quit growing.

view-item-nowSo to accommodate the extra usage you can expect from the boots, Ariat beefed them up with a tough self cleaning outsole, a heavy duty antique brass zipper and Ariat’s 4LR technology for extra support. These boots are built to handle rough usage in the barnyard and wherever else youngsters may venture. Besides having built in durability, the boots also feature crisp exterior details and a zipper that make them easy to put on or slip off.

You can save $10 when you purchase the Kid’s Ariat Devon III Zip boots online at JC Western Wear. They are available in a complete range of toddler and youth sizes. What a wonderful opportunity to shoe all your young calves before you send them out to the feedlot.


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