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Mens and Women’s Ariat Boot Sale

Any way you look at it, twenty bucks is twenty bucks saved when you purchase any of the latest Ariat western boots from JC Western. All you have to do to get that twenty is use the special code we have posted. This offer applies to both men’s and women’s Ariat boots.

Here’s a hint: If you punch in this special top secret code ARIAT20, the savings will magically appear on the checkout page. Honest. it will. We wouldn’t kid you about something like that. No coupons to cut. Nothing else you need do except inserting the magic number: ARIAT20.

There is catch. You have to act fast because the offer expires on May 15. Oh, by the way, this is not a clearance for old styles. No way Jose. All the exciting new styles for both sexes (there we go again, it’s always about sex) are yours for $20 less than regular prices.

Now here comes the only hard part of the offer. Unless you have trained your dog to use the Internet, you will have to physically go to the site and order a pair of Ariat boots that you absolutely love. Then don’t forget to enter ARIAT20 by MAY 15.

Sit by your mailbox for a week or less and your boots will magically appear.

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