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Women’s Ariat Heritage Western X Toe Boot

Women’s Ariat Heritage Western X Toe Boot”

Save ten bucks on a pair or trend setting Women’s Ariat Heritage Western X Toe Boots”. Women seem to love the sophisticated style of these simple but elegant western boots.
You will agree that X marks the most attractive feature of this Ariat design, the sharply pointed toe. That toe gives the boots a distinctive profile that sets them apart from the boot pack.When combined with its equally attractive 2 .5 inch “rough out” leather wrapped “New West” heel and stylish stitching up the length of the shaft, you have yourself a very cool pair of boots that work well for dress or play.

With a price considerably less than you might expect, you can easily afford to own a classic pair of Women’s Ariat Heritage Western X Toe Boots” available in two shades of brown – not grey.

There will be a ton of opportunities to wear your new boots during the next month or so. Take the bull by the horns and give yourself an early Christmas gift. Order a pair now so you can celebrate the holidays in style in your new X rated Ariat boots.

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