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Austin Fedora Straw Hat Pacific – Bone

Access to view a feminine flavored Austin Fedora Straw Hat “Pacific” model, colored a mood uplifting Bone. A wider brim provides adequate shade, and ladies will marvel over this feature’s ability to protect tender facial skin from sun exposure and wind. This hat is strategically designed to fit perfectly while providing superior comfort wear. Premium Panama straw construction materials offer an unbelievably breathable wardrobe enhancer. This strong straw ensures reliable longer wear time despite Mother Nature’s whims. The captivating hatband features a stunning beige and brown striped pattern that is beautiful enough to captivate startled glances. An eye-catching side bow flaunts the revered manufacturer’s distinctive name.

This alluringly detailed light hued hat model conveys a traditional western look with engaging West Coast accents. Austin crafts top-notch creations with trendy detailing work. This specific model will add dramatic flair to this year’s remarkable female ensembles. Ladies can pair this charming hat with boots, shoes and sandals. Order your fine Austin Fedora Straw Hat “Pacific” – Bone at Call 561-748-8801.

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