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Austin Fashion Felt Hat

Here’s a match made in heaven. A pair of fancy stitched Corral boots and a fine looking “Austin Fashion Felt Hat “Honey” done -in a Natural” finish..The combination is perfect for any cowgirl with high fashion standards.

JC has this authentic western hat available in a full range of sizes to fit a full range of head shapes and hair styles. There’s no reason why a gal has to squish a full head of hair into a thimble size crown.You can wear this hat high on your head or bring the rim down to add a touch of intrigue to your appearance. Let the guys wonder who dwells under the wide rim of this beautifully styled hat. The quality all felt body is done in a natural tan with brown highlights and a wonderfully embellished hat band that coordinates perfectly with the color of your boots.

There’s no denying darlin’ that you will project a very attractive image of yourself to everyone on the scene. Go for it girl. You, your boots and your beautiful “Austin Fashion Felt “Honey” – Natural” finish hat will stand out head and boots over everyone in the crowd.

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