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Beaded Belts

Leather belts are great. But if you would like to add some interest to your wardrobe, try one of the very interesting beaded belts available at JC Western.You can find an incredible assortment of hand made creations that do much more than hold up your britches.

This year’s newest collection belts from Noconas are making a statement in the world of fashion.Inspired by the native American craftsmen, the collection is even larger in 2015. That means you can coordinate your bead colors with any of your outfits.

You will find thin belts, wide belts and belts decorated with incredibly ornate silver buckles and studs. You will find the finest examples of bead art with prices ranging from as little as $25, up to as much as $500.

What better way to accent your wardrobe then with one or more of these lively and lovely handcrafted multi colored beaded creations? Why settle for just a belt when you can have a belt that adds sparkle and color to your universe?

Before you order online, see the belt sizing instructions on the JC Western site. Go to: Find the perfect beaded belt in the perfect size.

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