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Bling Belts, Tooled Belts, Beaded Belts, Leather Belts

Belts do a lot more for a guy then hold up his pants. A well appointed leather bling belt, tooled, beaded and decorated with all the goodies tells a lot about a guy or a woman. The designers who come up with their incredible belt designs are a talented bunch who can capture a person’s personality with the beads , ornaments and hand tooling they add to a belt.

Call it cowboy bling if you like, but whatever you call it, you have to admit it’s pretty spectacular. An elaborately decorated plain leather belt comes to life when it is “blinged”. It can change your outfit’s look from blaise to bold in the time it takes to pull it through the loops of your jeans.

You can glitter, jangle and brighten your day simply by changing your belt. Coordinate your belt bling with boot bling and hat bling.Just like magic, you can transform a plain Jane or simple Sam into a blazing Neon Neon.

Bling your way to fame and glory. Turn your neighborhood into the land of “Bling Belts, Tooled Belts, Beaded Belts, Leather Belts”.

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