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Black Jack Alligator Hornback Boot

Chances are you will never see a pair of western boots as fancy as these. Seriously, the Black Jack Men’s Alligator Hornback Natural Western Boots we are featuring on our Facebook page are in a class all by themselves. Hover over the image. See what we mean? The detail is beyond description and trust us when we tell you that these dramatic Black Jacks are the pinnacle of exotic leathers.

For $1775, they could be part of your boot collection. All you need is the will and the money. No doubt, its a lot of cash, but what you get in return may well be worth the price.

Check them out. They are American made by true leather craftsmen who know how to match the skins and create the awesome look you see before you. There is no doubt that you will be the envy of every cowboy in town. So all we can tell you cowboy is that if you do buy a pair of these world class Black Jack boots, do like Elvis did with his blue suedes and have everyone stay off your black alligator boots.

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