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Black Jack Boots

Hold on guys. Slow down those primitive reactions you’re showing. When we say Black Jack boots, it’s not any reference to the booze. In this case Black Jack refers to these very excellent boots meant for wearing and not for drinking. Got it?

One thing for sure, you can drink in the fine styling and top quality leather each pair of the very distinctive western boots have to offer. Chances are you can get just as high – with no danger of a hangover. You will be drunk with ecstasy when you slip into a pair of world class cowboy boots meant to out class, out shine and just plain out do any boot on the marker.If you are into exotic leathers, Black Jack can set you up with boots made of elephant, buffalo and longhorn. If that’s not enough, how about caiman, alligator or goat skin. These folks don’t ess around with same old. They even offer boots made of piraruco fish scales guaranteed to knock your BVDs off.

Yessir cowperson, you can be the top guy on the fence for as little as $400 or if you wan’t to really blow minds, $1800 or so will get you a pair of black Jacks that will have the town talking till the cows come home. Get ’em online at JC Western Wear.

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