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Black Jack Men’s Brown & Mahogany Boots

Things happen when you show up wearing your Men’s Black Jack Brown and Mahogany Hand Tooled Cowboy Boots. We can’t exactly say what, but as far as we can tell all those things are good.

One of the better things guys have reported is the sudden surge of flirtatious looks from the women folk. Some have even noticed how black cats stop crossing their path. Still others insist they are too much of a gentleman to say exactly what happened to them when they had their new boots on.

Whatever it was that occured sure didn’t sound like a bad thing. Are you ready to take your chances? These boots are 100 percent handmade right here in the States, using top grade hand tooled leather. The boots are stitched with a unique ”Triad Charlie” pattern that adds even more distinction to the brown and mahogany dirty bull tan goat leather. The snip toe puts the finishing touch on every pair of Men’s Black Jack Brown and Mahogany Hand Tooled Cowboy Boots. So men, it’s only fair to say, you really ought to own a pair. Who knows what might happen?

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