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Black Jack Ranch Hand Burnished Peanut Western Boots

Here are a great pair of boots that come complete with a un cowboy like name: the Black Jack Ranch Hand Burnished Peanut Western boots. That’s a mouthful to be sure. The fact is that the name, as funny as it may sound, represents one of the finest all purpose western boots a guy can find..

These are the kind of traditional boots real cowboys prefer, especially the guys from Texas. In fact they refer to them as Texas Cowboy boots. These great looking boots are not too frilly and decorative. Instead they are a finely burnished peanut brown leather that are made to withstand the rigors of the ranch and range.

Cowboys like them because they are quite comfortable and are built to last. Best of all, they are priced within the reach of a working cowboy. After a hard day’s work, they can be brushed clean and buffed to a shine that will serve a man well in public places.

You can find your Black Jack Ranch Hand Burnished Peanut Western boots online at JC Western Wear, the cowboy superstore.

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