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Order Silver & Turqoise Bolo and Collar Tip Set Online

Silver & Turqoise Bolo and Collar Tip Set

When westerners dress for special occasions, they have a unique sense of style that distinguishes themselves as true westerners. Two distinguishing accessories are the bolo tie and matching shirt collar tips.

While many cowboys have been known to wear a bolo tie on occasion, the collar tips are not usually seen. The combination makes a dramatic statement and a adds much to the dress up mode of a fancy, dressy, western outfit.

The set shown here is the ultimate look. The bolo tie features a turquoise slip- ornament trimmed in a hammered silver along with hammered silver tips and matching turquoise insets that add much to a great western style dress shirt. When you put the matching silver and turquoise collar tips together on your collar, your ensemble takes on a rich, stylized look you will be proud to wear to any high falutin get together.

This look has been popular over the years and is making a remarkable comeback. In our six decades of business, we have seen this western bolo style come and fade but always return as people come back to the authentic western ways. You can too.

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