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Boot Bling

Come to JC Western for the hottest thing to hit our shelves since hellfire. That’s the best way we know how to tell you about the boot bling craze that’s sweeping the nation. What a great idea. An inexpensive piece of glittering rhinestones, beads or other simple baubles or bangles wrapped around the base of your boot shafts can change the appearance of even the blandest boots.

JC has at least two dozen, maybe three, of the coolest trinkets imaginable. It’s an absolute miracle how they can transform a hundred dollar pair into something that looks like its worth three hundred. Why not pick up at least a couple new versions . Its a simple process. Just slip off one set and replace it with another,You’ll have friends wondering how in the world you can afford so many differnt styles of boots. Choose from hearts and crosses, rhinestones and turquoise, six shooters and horseshoes, feathers and all sorts of fun trinkets that personalize your boots for pennies not the mucho dollars you might expect.

Boot bling is easy to shop for whether you do it online or at our store. Get in on the fun and get your bling at JC Western Wear.

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