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How To Use A Boot Jack To Remove Boots

How to Take Off Your Boots Using a Boot Jack

Boots are worn for a wide number of reasons. Ironically, putting the boots on is a much simpler process than taking them off! This is especially true for laborers that end up with dirty footwear at the end of their long day. Fortunately, it is easy as pie to learn how to use a boot jack. These ingenious devices make freeing your feet from boots a breeze. The boots stay in excellent condition for the fashion minded individual. The premise of this device is fairly simple. A flat end made out of wood, or other suitable material, provides a stable place for a person to rest their foot on. There is a horseshoe shaped curve where the back of the boot being taken off rests perfectly into. This procedure can be done while standing up. Say goodbye to those back and leg aches and pains following a hard day’s work or a strenuous dance night out!

To ensure proper utilization of a boot jack, boot wearers simply place the back of the boot into the padded horseshoe curve. The other foot rests on the flat surface of this helpful tool. Gentle pressure is applied to the back of the boot coming off with the toe of the other boot or foot. Astonishingly, the boot slides off easily with no hands needed! Purchase this affordable accessory tool at JC Western Wear. Their well designed boot jack includes the company logo. These user friendly devices can be ordered at

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