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Brinson James Rodeo Clown

If you have ever seen the man known as “Brinson James Rodeo Clown” you know the guy is so much more than a clown. He is a full blown entertainer whose comedic genius is appreciated by all who have watched him in action.

He may play the role of clown, but the truth is that underneath the grease paint and goofy attire, Brinson is a brave talented cowboy with a definite purpose to his madness.

Cowboys love him. He is their protector who will go through almost any obstacle to keep them safe. he will use his skills to divert a bull and in the process making it look like fun. Don’t miss him at his next appearance in town.

Oh,and by the way, when the show is over, and he returns to his natural good looking self, Brinson can often be found wearing cool western wear that he picks up at JC Western Wear. The next time he comes to West Palm Beach or anywhere near, take the family to enjoy the wild antics of Brinson James, Rodeo Clown as if it were your last rodeo.

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