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Bullhide Leather Hat “Comanche” – Camel

Are you fooling with us JC? What’s the deal with this Bullhide Leather Carmel Colored Comanche Hat?

Like, how come this great western hat is only $79. What’s the catch? For that price, it’s probably not real leather. It’s no doubt a piece of chintzy cardboard made to look like real leather.

Oops, looks like we have to take that back. We just found the label and by golly, it is real leather — top grain leather as a matter of fact — not cardboard, not plastic and not some cheap imitation. This is the real thing cowboy. Real leather that comes from like a real animal — probably one of those cows you spend all day punching and branding and whatever else y’all do with cows.

As for you folks at JC Western, we gotta tell you, you’re gonna see a lot of action at the stores when the boys, the ones who are into leather, get wind of these head toppers… real leather for $79. That’s absolutely unbelievable.

They look like a million bucks, not that we know what a million bucks look like. But for sure, this is the kind of hat a guy can appreciate when he gets to head to town after a full day chasing those critters all over God’s green earth.

This camel color real leather Comanche Hats are going to go over big time. If you want to get into the game, get your butt in gear and head over to cowboy central: JC Western, the ultimate cowboy outfitter.

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