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Bullhide “Pursuit of Happiness” Felt Hat in Black

This brashly bold cowboy hat is the ultimate in western styling. Its decorative facade is deceiving as this the Bullhide Western Fashion Felt Hat “Pursuit of Happiness” in Black offers a guy more than good looks. These high quality hats are known to be long lasting hats that will give you years of service.

It’s all about quality with Bullhide. The process begins with premium hand selected wool that was gladly offered up by a flock of finely conditioned sheep, each of which voluntarily gave up a full three bags full of their cropings. One more thing, the sheep selected for this hat are the baa, baa black sheep variety.

That wool is then processed and made into the finely fashioned hat you see here. The final step, though not officially confirmed by the manufacturer, is to have each hat participate in a special, top secret “Hat Dance” ceremony which guarantees that every Bullhide Western Fashion “Pursuit of Happiness” Felt Hat will keep its shape and stay comfortable and stylish throughout its lifespan.

What else could a guy ask for?

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