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Buy Men’s Dan Post Birmingham Genuine Caiman Style # DP2386

Men’s Dan Post Birmingham Genuine Caiman Style # DP2386

These ruggedly handsome caiman boots are made of genuine caiman skin leather. A caiman is a reptilian creature close related to the alligators of our southern gulf coast states. To the untrained eye they are” the same only different” than our beloved state side alligators as far as many of their physical details. If you happened to be cornered by one or the other, it wouldn’t make much difference if it were a caiman or a gator that had you clamoring up the nearest tree.

view-item-nowSome folks prefer the variations in caiman hides over those of gators. That is one reason why Dan Post offers that choice. The other reason is that alligators are protected to some degree here in the US, so a constant supply of gator skin may not be available. At JC Western Wear, we like to assure our customers that we carry the right items.Dan Post’s Birmingham Style boots are truly unique. They will certainly draw attention and comments from admirers, as they are striking examples of the leather craftsman’s art. Imagine how much they will add to your style. You may even find people on the floor, on hands and knees examining the incredible details of the caiman skin leather. Let them look and fawn over your boots, after all, “you da man”.


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