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Charlie 1 Horse “Line Em Up” Straw Hat

The fantastic Charlie 1 Horse “Line Em Up” Straw hat is your must-have women’s apparel wardrobe choice for fall. Visit to view how amazingly stunning this selection can be. The brown-hued hatband boasts a phenomenal distressed leather braid, accented perfectly with a centrally situated metal emblem. The overall weave design, with sensational head cooling vent openings, is nothing short of magnificent. Ladies will feel irresistibly lovely wearing such a charming head fashion. A man’s eyes will be transfixed on the smart gal that dons this creation. This item is crafted with durable, all natural straw from palm trees.

Straw hats are a sure bet when gambling for practical apparel with beautiful features. Women will gasp when they see the divine options available from this name-brand manufacturer’s exhilarating “Wanted Collection.” Jump over to to catch these jaw-dropping bargains. Follow the blue and white Facebook icon, and then browse the red-hot featured hat model. Life seems to drift by smoothly when a women puts on her seductive Charlie 1 Horse “Line Em Up” Straw Hat. For details, contact 561-748-8801.

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