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Charlie 1 Horse “Rising Star” Felt Hat

Charlie may only have one horse but he sure has plenty of great hats. Take this terrific Charlie 1 Horse “Rising Star” Felt Hat for example. This cowboy hat has all the features a cowgirl could ever hope for.

Check out the calf skin cut outs and the stylishly sloped crown. You will love the star embellishments on the brim. This is one classy fedora that will make any lady stand out wherever she might be.The matching band is fittingly attractive as is the natural mink color of the high quality felt material. All these features make your new western hat one worth having. If you are the kind of woman who likes to lead the way, Charlie 1 Horse can send you in the right direction for hand made hats in an incredible range of styles designed for every season.

This felt hat is perfect for this time of year but when the season or your mood changes, count on Charlie 1 Horse to deliver a full compliment of dazzling hat creations in quality felt or in incredible straw designs.

Grow star rising along with your hat collection with Charlie 1 Horse. A woman can never have enough hats. If you keep coming back to Charlie 1 Horse, he may someday grow to be Charlie 2 Horse, Charlie 3 Horse etc., etc.

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