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Circle G Dragonfly Boots

Circle G Dragonfly boots are Corrals way of expressing their kinship with nature.The dragonflies embossed on these full grained leather boots are just a subtle reminder of all those things we should be thankful for every time we step forth into the beautiful landscape that surrounds us.j

That little touch reminds us why we are thankful to be a “country girl” — just as happy as can be, like a bug on a rug. Women love the presentation and the significance of dragonflies. They are one of nature’s most incredible creations.

If you take a close look you will be amazed at the startling array of colors and patterns embedded on these creatures. The same can be said about each pair of Corral’s Circle G Dragonfly boots. The beauty is in the detail and the comfort is in the soft leather used to create every pair.

You will look casually elegant as you stride merrily down a footpath into the grasslands, looking for visual treats like butterflies and dragonflies along the way. What a wonderful way to spend a late summer afternoon.

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