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Men’s Circle G Basic Tan Boots

You’ll love the way these men’s Circle G basic tan boots look and feel the first time you slide into a pair. You’ve probably heard the old expression “as comfortable as an old shoe.” That’s exactly the effect the manufacturer was after with the Circle G boots you see on the Facebook page.

The distressed brown leather looks like boots you’ve already broken in – not at all like brand new dress up boots. That’s the look a lot of guys prefer. You know the type of guy we’re talking about: A quiet, unassuming sort who usually lets his actions speak for him. The square toe and distressed leather and the detail on the boot shaft is as fancy as he wants to get.

Are you the kind of person who feels uncomfortable when you become the center of attention? Do you avoid wearing flashy clothing and anything that might call attention to your presence? Are you also the kind of guy who appreciates quality and doesn’t mind spending a few dollars to get it? The fact that the Men’s Circle G Basic tan boots are priced at only $149 is an absolute bonus.

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