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Buy Women’s Corral Brown Stitched Harness Boots

Women’s Corral Brown Stitched Harness Boots

With their 9” short shaft and vintage style these short harness urban boots bring style and versatility to your life out on the range or just sitting on the rail. The 9” shaft and 2-3/4” shaft make for a comfortable fit while the stitching across the front is particularly attractive and detailed. The stitching is a master’s touch reminiscent of the hand work leather artisans were capable of over a century ago. The sanded dark brown leather will give you years of wear and comfort.

view-item-nowThese boots come with the same warning and advice they carried a century ago. If you are backpacking outdoors under the stars, keep the boots turned upside down as they are inviting to a number of other varmints like a tarantula who appreciate comfort just like you. Don’t fret, just remember to turn your boots upside down and shake freely so that anyone not invited will have a chance to hightail it away from your boots. Feel free to scream the first few times it happens to you. Soon you will soon learn to just deal with them. That is when you can call yourself a true cowgirl. Congratulations, you are no longer a tenderfoot. Your new boots are ruggedly unique and as comfortabl as any boot you may run into on the trail.

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