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Buy Women’s Corral Wings And Cross Boots Online

Women’s Corral Wings And Cross Boots

Here is a pair of boots your not likely to see around the barnyard very often. You could classify these as Sunday “gotomeeting” boots. Take a good look at the fancy detail you will find on every pair. They feature a distressed, black -eather look with a unique black cross and inlaid gold and silver rings. The black/silver/gold leather effect offers a truly classic appearance. The heel is a comfortable 2-3/8” hight while the insole is cushioned for added comfort. The boots can tell the world you are “born again” or that you are proud to be a Christian. Either message works. If you prefer there need not be any message, only an uplifting design.

view-item-nowThese Corral boots have all it takes to give you a fit that truly fits. That’s what a good boot is all about. A pair is even better. JC Western Wear is proud to offer these boots at our venture into the online world. Find these boots at our website at special online only pricing. We can ship to all parts of the county and even overseas. As much as we love seeing you in person at our Southeast Florida Shops, we know you will learn to love our Internet presence too.

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