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Corral American Flag Square Toe Boots

As the 4th of July draws near, a pair of Corral American Flag Square Toe Boots couldn’t be more appropriate for the occasion. Every step you take in these comfortable square toed beauties is like waving the flag while your boots seem to be chanting Happy Birthday America with every step you take.

The colors, as illustrated on this Facebook page are done in an antiqued style of distressed red, white and blue overlays. The low heel is designed for walking – or if you are on the prowl, for roping a good man. Either way, it’s a comfortable boot with a cushioned insole that is perfect for parades or whatever else you are up to.

If you think you would like a pair, we would love a Facebook Like just to let us know how you feel about these Flag boots. The time to buy them is now. JC Western Wear has them reduced by $20. It’s not a ton of money by today’s overblown numbers – but 20 bucks is 20 bucks. Amazingly, when you string 5 – $20 bills together, they add up to a hundred dollars. Ten hundreds equal a thousand and on and on.

That’s it for your economics lesson. Head online and do your patriotic duty and buy a pair of Corral American Flag Square Toe Boots.

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