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Corral Antique Saddle Cutout Boots

Even the most proficient shopper would be hard pressed to find anything as elegant as these Corral Antique Saddle Cutout Boots. The designers pulled out all the stops when they created these very special boots.

Nothing was left to chance. Even the soles are adorned with a handsome pattern that sets the tone for the main attraction. The antique leather boot shafts are decorated with a classic southwestern stylized cross design and the theme is carried throughout the entire boot surface.

The pattern shows up from every angle, especially if you are a tucker. We didn’t mean trucker. We mean the kind of woman who prefers to tuck her jeans into her boots, Texas style.

All in all, these fine looking Corral Antique Saddle Cutout boots are quite the package. The snip toe and cowboy style heel are perfectly proportioned and add a bit of feminine grace to a truly western style.

If there were ever a pair of boots you felt you “gotta have”, these are the ones. Go girl. Head on over to JC Western Wear’s online store and round up a pair.

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