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Corral Black Antique Saddle Boots

Ladies, make a beeline over to to see these absolutely exquisitely-crafted Corral Black Antique Saddle Boots. This ultra-fine leather footwear has true vintage character. This is due to manufacturing processes including abrasions, scarring and tinting on the premium-grade leather. Multi-colored embroidery on prominently seen areas of the boot presents a truly captivating image. Notice the beautiful designs on the top of the shaft and the foot. Artisans utilize a sensational whip stitch to get this desirable look. Slightly edgy with a gorgeous snip toe profile, these boots also feature a 2 1/2″ fashion heel. The detailed whip stitching is spectacularly accented with eye-catching studs.

Texas women will be so impressed by these enchanting Corral boots shaded a magnificent Black Antique, they will wear this selection to classy country weddings, shopping sprees, dinner at friends homes and everyplace imaginable. Gals will stay feeling incredibly comfortable with the heel pads that are lightly cushioned. To get $41.00 off, look up this family-oriented retailer’s Facebook customer page at Scroll to find the phenomenal Corral Black Antique Saddle Boots. Contact 561-748-8801.

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