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Corral Bone Floral Stitch Boots

Go ahead, don’t be afraid to put on your new Corral Women’s Bone Floral Full Stitch boots. We know they are awfully pretty and fussy looking. The good news is that these boots were made to be worn not to be displayed on your mantel like an expensive collectible. Au contraire, m’love. These are real boots made for real ladies who happen to like cowgirl fashions. Just because they look dandy doesn’t mean you have to be a dandy to fully appreciate the full feminine effect of these artfully designed cowgirl boots.

Each Pair has it’s own characteristics. That’s because of the inclination of the exotic leather to respond in different ways to the touch of every craftsman. This is what separates hand crafted leather products from mass produced imitations.

The quality is apparent the first time you slip into a pair. You can add some flair and excitement to your overall style and make anything you wear for the day look even better.

Match your Corral Women’s Bone Floral Full Stitch boots.with a frilly full skirt or a western style dress. MakeBetter yet, stay casual and wear them with a pair of short cut offs or skinny jeans. Either way is a winning combination. Heck, you can even get married in them if you decide on that path.

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