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Corral Bronze & Turquoise Glitter Inlay Boots

If you’re looking for an addition to your western wardrobe that will surely stop the show, the new Corral Bronze & Turquoise Glitter Inlay Boots” are exactly what you need.

These incredibly decorated boots have every decorating feature known to the leatherworking trade. The all over glitter and turquoise applique pattern will dazzle the crowd with its creativeness and beauty.

Anyone who is able to get a close look at Corral’s latest entry into the world of boot fashion is sure to have an unforgettable OMG moment.

Remember the day when boots were simply boots? That’s when they were worn to be totally functional around the ranch for riding, roping and other such chores. Well, that was then. Today these boots have a completely different purpose for their existence.

Boots like the new Corral Bronze & Turquoise Glitter Inlay Boots are meant to stay out of the barnyard. They are to meant to be put to work dancing and partying, socializing and enjoying life with friends. But, if you find yourself riding your horse, for gosh sake, keep out of the muddy trails.

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