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Corral Humming Bird Red Sequence Inlay Boot

Anyone that visits soon will encounter a spectacular online sale of a cunningly detailed Corral Humming Bird red sequence inlay boot. This feminine western model has an exquisite and realistic bird that is gorgeously outlined with eye-catching black stitch work. This lovely footwear creates further attraction with vividly red shaded embroidery in a stunning color contrast, featuring an all over fascinatingly edgy floral pattern. Ladies can forgo jewelry, as this arresting selection is accented with riveting inlay sequins that adds a dramatic flourish. Gals can rock this style that includes plush foot insoles, flirtatious snip toes, strikingly taller fashion heels and characterizing leather distressing for a sassy vintage appeal.

This boot is an excellent dancing wardrobe must-have. The woman that gets onto a dance floor wearing these exotic tinged numbers will be the focal point that others are drawn to. Corral is on Facebook via also at a reduced price. This footwear originates in Mexico, and the artistic craftsmen are churning out exemplary selections. Order this Corral Humming Bird boasting red sequence inlay boot at Call 561-748-8801.

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