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Corral Red & Bone Floral Embroidered Boots

Shop now at to save $20.00 off the purchase price of the fiery-hot Corral Red & Bone Floral Embroidered Boots. A lady’s exclusive walk will be noticed when she wears this captivating and ravishing red-shaded footwear accented with an intricate design in a superbly contrasting bone floral embroidery pattern. This elegant design outlines the upper top end and lower edges of the foot and heel. The beautiful artistry does not stop here. The supple and fully-grained leather shaft continues this gorgeous design that makes this stylish boot memorably enticing. Other features include an eye-catching and crisp snip toe profile, sharp-looking 2″ walking heel, fine leather lining and a durably-crafted single stitched welt.

This elaborately detailed footwear is causing waves of excitement on the fashion conscious campuses of Florida State and Texas A and M further west. These gals know a must-have trend when they spot it. Get your favorite Corral Red & Bone Floral Embroidered Boots designed to raise your individualized western-wear look up into the breathless category by shopping for sensational styles at Contact 561-748-8801 today.

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