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Corral “Silver Star” Boots

The stars at night are big and bright on these very special Women’s Corral Silver Star boots. You and your boots can be standouts wherever you decide to wander.

The white stars on black leather background actually work perfectly with a medley of your personal styles. They can offers a certain amount of pizzazz and flair to anything you decide to step out in.

They are especially dramatic on the dance floor when the movement of your feet set against a lively display of flashing night lights can make both you and your boots stars.

Complete the look with a matching handbag from Miss Me and you can definitely reach star status. If you hurry, you can save 40 bucks

So, you better practice your dance steps and all your cool moves girl, because everyone’s eyes will be focused on you and your starry, starry Corral silver star boots. Go ahead, reach for the stars at the store that stars prefer: JC Western Wear, Make a personal appearance or shop online.

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