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Corral Wing and Cross Studs Boots

Beat it over to to browse phenomenal “Corral Wing & Cross Studs Boots” promptly. Their savings on this highly detailed footwear will keep sales going strong. Ladies need to act confidently and fast to catch the appreciated savings on this smoking hot style. Enriched hues of gold, bronze and red are tantalizingly used to create an inspirational embroidery design that is further enhanced by arresting stud detailing. Women will feel like these boots are crafted for another era due to fashionable and vintage character building vintage flair. Boasting a leather outsole, this model also sports leather finely made lining, cushy footbed insole and a durable single stitched welt.

Grand western heels meet up with the tremendous snip profile, creating a wonderful item to wear out to special events of various social opportunities. This design has a sassy vibe, sure to bring forth excitement from even wild crowds. Cowgirls can view this item by clicking the direct access Facebook via‘s direct access Facebook link icon today. Order marvelously adorned “Wing and Cross Studs & Boots” today. Call 561-748-8801.

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