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Corral Wing and Cross Studs Boots

Add a little drama and excitement to your life with a pair of Corral Wing and Cross Studs Boots. There is a distinct aura about these fanciful boots. The wing and cross pattern is embroidered on the surface of these full grained leather beauties to create a dazzling effect that is simply mesmerizing.

When you are line dancing, it’s like a magical display of winged butterflies fluttering and weaving an erotic path through the air. The effect of the bronze, gold and red features present an incredibly beautiful kaleidoscope of color with every step you take. The inlaid studs add even more interest, as do the tailored appearance of the snip toes. You probably won’t even need to move at all, as your boots will take over and steal the show.

These are the boots you have been waiting for all your fanciful life. Do not let another day pass before you get a pair of Corral Wing and Cross Studs Boots. This is your time lady. Go for it now. Find your dream boots online at JC Western Wear, where your dreams become reality.

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