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Ladies Corral American Flag Square Toe Boots

With Memorial Day and the 4th of July within sight, not to mention those American as Apple Pie and Chevrolet days ahead, the new “Ladies Corral American Flag Square Toe Boots” are the perfect way to show your colors. In fact, you might just be asked to lead the parade through town, high stepping at the head of the marching bands.

This is an incredible rendition of American style that every All American woman will be proud to wear. Boots like these don’t come along very often – and you owe it to yourself to lead the charge over to JC Western Wear online shop to get yourself a pair.

The hand done, detailed design on the boot shafts gives the impression that your boots are proudly waving their red stripes in the breeze with every step you take. It’s like you were being carried along by the power of the wind at your feet.

If there was ever anything you thought you absolutely “must have,” these Ladies’ American Flag Square Toe Boots from Corral are definitely it. You’ll be sure to score a lot of “likes” with this Facebook shot.

Get online, Miss All American Woman. Wear your country’s colors with pride.

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