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Men’s Circle G Natural Python Boots

If you’re the kind of guy whose tastes run into the exotic, the unusual and the unique, you’re going to love these show-stopping Men’s Circle G by Corral Natural python boots. The incredible two tone effect on the boots combines detailed design on the leather shafts with the natural python skin pattern. The results are a pair of boots that are sure to be the envy of every cowboy in town.

Pythons are among the largest snakes in the world. They have found their way into the backwaters of the Everglades, where they are decimating the native population of small game animals, including deer, which they are able to take down then swallow whole.

So, in a matter of speaking, when you buy a pair of these Corral Circle G natural python boots, you are doing your part to preserve the native species of the country.

But, you better be careful when you’re out walking in the boonies. There is a bounty on pythons in Florida. Don’t get mistaken for one because of your authentic python skin boots. If you find yourself surrounded by a gang of bounty hunters, make a call to JC Western Wear. We’ll get you out of that situation. But first, you have to Like us and Share us on this Facebook page.

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