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Women’s Corral Honey Turquoise Knee Top Inlay Boots

These promoted gorgeous “Women’s Corral Honey Turquoise Knee Top Inlay Boots” are as sweet and refreshing as a cool glass of southern sweetened iced tea on a hot day. Wear this longer shaft style to present an enticing silhouette that features feminine touches. Guys will find the side zipper to be a sexy addition. Premium leather is enhanced by the rich and extra supple honey leather color. The intricate inlay adds earthy hues, and the beautiful turquoise stones lend an exotic flair. This Texan manufacturer manages to intertwine delicate artistry throughout this passionate footwear, built strong enough to endure exiting high-performance feats.

Guys will follow this stunning boot like bees hover around honey. The refined design gives this footwear a look that conveys elegance. The inlay and the ornate stitching patterns add a hint of mystique to this true cowgirl style. Cushy insoles invite feet to experience sublime luxury. To view the details of these irresistible “Women’s Corral Honey Turquoise Knee Top Inlay Boots” shop today. Call 561-748-8801.

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