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Corral Horseshoe Cowboy Boots Online

Men’s Corral Horseshoe Cowboy Boots

Whoa! These bad boy boots are unbelievably classic. Take a close look at the incredible hand tooling on the foot and heel. This is definitely the work of a highly skilled leather artisan. The intricate details and exotic patterns set these boots apart from any others who attempt to match the abilities of Corral leather engravers.

view-item-nowTo add even more elegance and drama, gold lacing in the Spanish tradition has been sewn along the side seams, pull tabs and the tops of the shaft. These boots are among the most elegant show-boots of their time. Another highlight that offers further testimony to the master bootmaker’s abilities are the gold trimmed horseshoe cutouts on the front of the shafts. These boots have all the pizzazz you can handle, and are sure to make a hit at the next festive event they take you to.

These elegant boots are “hecho in Mexico” in the town of Leon. This is the home and heart of a community of master bootmakers who have plied their trade and developed their skills over many generations. These are the craftsmen who hand make every pair of Corral boots, just as they have done for decades. So Muchachos, order your Corral boots online at JC Western Wear  and save a few pesos in the process.

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