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Paul Ryan Wears American Made Cowboy Boots

USA Made Cowboy Boots & Paul Ryan

The American politician, Paul Davis Ryan, was born in the year 1970 on Jan. 9th. Now in the fashion spotlight, it has been noted that Paul Ryan wears American made cowboy boots. On August 11th of this year, Ryan was named as Mitt Romney’s running mate as vice-president. He is said to be one of the most conservative Republicans since around 1900. He hails from Janeseville, Wisconsin, is Catholic, and has a wife and three children. Many people see a resemblance to Ronald Reagan with his political views and fashion styles. Ryan dressed down for the crowds recently and wore a pair of brown cowboy boots with casual attire.

view-item-nowWestern styled boots are no strangers to the White House. Many presidents have sported this look. Ryan’s good looks only add to his fashion charisma. Currently serving in the United States House of Representatives, Ryan is proud to be an American. JC Western Wear understands this patriotism. They have been proud to sell American made boots for generations. This exemplary store also has a website location at Log onto this Internet store and find cowboy boots that are made in America. Paul Ryan is loyal to his country. JC Western Wear serves their devoted customers with great service. Contact them at 561-748-8801 for all your Western shopping needs.


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