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Women’s Western Boots Available at JC Western

Women’s Western Boots

Women’s Western Boots are the latest trend in women’s fashion. Growing from their original classic rugged look, women’s cowgirl boots are quickly becoming a rapidly followed trend in the fashion industry. With so many varieties and styles to choose from western boots now come in an unlimited array of colors and styles. Women’s western boots aren’t just for cowgirls any more!  Some of the most popular brands of western boots for women include, but are not limited to, Ariat, Dan Post, Dingo, Durango, Justin, Laredo, Lucchese, and Charlie 1 Horse. In addition to the commonly seen high-topped western boot, there are shorter boot styles that pull on; or boots that lace up and tie like a shoe. For any cut, color and occasion, there is a boot available to complete your outfit. In today’s fashion concious society, women are seeking new, and exciting footwear.  Many shoe brands tend to follow the same heel pattern and sole structure over and over again. The norm in women’s shoes and footwear quite regularly comes with painful straps, uncomfortable heel heights, and toe-cramping pointed fronts that cause an unpleasant experience for women that lasts all day long.

A women’s western boot can be custom made with the heel height, toe width & shape, color and texture of leather, as well as custom inlay, stitching and pull straps designed by you.  You can build your own one of a kind boot!  Straying away from the herd, women are quickly becoming aware of the world of women’s western boots. With their sleek yet strong appeal, women’s western boots are a welcomed change from the current shoe wearing ways of active women around the globe.  Available in different heel heights, leather textures, and embelishments cowgirl boots offer women a welcomed change from the same ole’ footwear they have been buying  for centuries. Western boots add variety and flair to the current fashion scene, cowgirl boots are revolutionizing the way skirts are being worn across the nation.  A common misconception of western cowgirl boots is that they are only to be worn with jeans while horseback riding on a dusty plane somewhere in the mid-west. Wrong! Women’s western boots are extremely versatile in their style, color and coordination of what they can be worn with. Westen cowgirl boots can be worn in all climates for warmth in cold and are available in waterproof/waterresistent materials.  Most notably are the traditional brown and classic black looks.

These can be worn with jeans, a western styled dress, any skirt and even a women’s business suit.  For a unique touch, cowgirl boots can be found in exciting colors like wild red, bright white, camoflouge and even pink. These bold colors make a statement on their own as they can be paired with virtually any ensemble.  Boots can travel froma day in the park to an evening out on the town.  With the versatility of color, style and the ability to pair b0ots with purses, belts &  jewelry you can create your own unique outfit for vitually any occasion.  Cowgirl boots are a refreshing change from the mundane look of most women’s footwear available today.

Women’s western boots are a fashion statement all on their own!  If you are a women who is tired of the current footwear trends we challenge you come in to JC Western and try on a pair of  women’s western boots today!

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