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Cowboy Felt Hats

The tradition of cowboy felt hats goes back a couple of centuries ago. Years ago empires were carved out of the wilderness by trappers searching for beaver pelts, the source of the material used to produce felt.

Those felt hats eventually evolved into the handsome wide brimmed cowboy hats we are familiar with today. They became an iconic part of the history of the west.

Years ago when Westerns were a huge part of the Hollywood success story, you could usually differentiate the good guys from the bad guys by the color of their felt hat. Good guys always wore white hats, while the baddies had a preference for black.

Stetson has been a leader in cowboy hat felt fashions for generations. They chose not to take sides in the battle of good and evil, black hats versus white. They produce both colors.

Today, the stylish western hats from Stetson are recognized as the best in class by good and bad guys alike. Our Facebook model wears black. Makes you wonder what he is all about.

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