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Maria Sharapova Is Wearing A Cowboy Hat

Maria Sharapova Is Wearing A Cowboy Hat at The Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are underway in London, England. Favorite tennis contender for the gold, Maria Sharapova is seen wearing a cowboy hat at The Olympic opening ceremonies. The 25-year-old dynamic athlete carried the Russian flag. She and fiancee Sasha Vujacic make a powerful team. Sharapova entranced the crowds with her stunning victory in Sunday’s tennis match that was moved indoors due to rain. With the dress code changes, Maria is a favorite to watch for the fashionable ensembles she wears. This is Sharapova’s Olympic debut as she missed the 2008 games on account of a shoulder injury. All eyes are on this electrifying former Wimbledon champion. Sharapova is a trail blazing act that is hard to follow. This focused professional has royalty and other important dignitaries watching her incredible moves on the court.

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