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Buy Cruel Girl Black “Georgia ” Jeans

Cruel Girl Black “Georgia ” Jeans

You can save ten dollars on every pair of these high-style Cruel Girl, black “GEORGIA ” jeans, but don’t you ever call these jeans cheap. Think of this special online only price as an opportunity to save a few extra dollars that you can use to spend extravagantly on something else you lust for. That is how a fashionista thinks, so if you want to be one, think like one. Oh, if you are curious why we call these “black Georgia” jeans, the reason is simple. They are black.

view-item-nowThe black Georgias are the best selling Cruel Girl jeans in the JC Western inventory. We love working with Cruel Girl because they are so … uncruel. They offer a fine, fashionable product that women love. If our customers love something, we do too.

The Black Georgia jeans from Cruel Girl are made from a slim-fitting, stretch material that hugs your curves and keeps their appearance fresh. They are the perfect jeans for casual or dress up occasions and also look great with boots. Black is very popular, but we also have a few dark blue pairs tucked away on our display racks. You can find them elsewhere on our site.

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