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Cruel Girl Black “Georgia ” Jeans

Cruel Girl Black “Georgia ” Jeans

If you like Cruel Girl jeans, you will love the style and fit of the black “Gloria” addition to the line. They have climbed to the top of the best selling list at both Cruel Girl and JC Western Wear. The black version of these slim fitting. low rise western stretch jeans have sales figures that are “off the charts.”

view-item-nowWe sell plenty of jeans here at JC Western Wear, but these boot cut women’s jeanswith their exclusive kick slit surprised us with their incredible appeal to style conscious women. There is no question as to why they have become so popular. It’s simply because Black Glorias are hot, hot and really hot. In fact, they are so hot, we store them right next to their own air conditioning unit in the back room.Here’s the best part. These western style jeans are available from the JC Western Wear online shop for under fifty, you heard right, under fifty dollars ($50) when you buy online. Trust us when we tell you, it just doesn’t get any better. Glorias are also available in a cruel shade of blue.

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