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Dan Post Birmingham Genuine Caiman Boots

When you shop for a pair of Dan Post Birmingham Genuine Caiman boots here on the JC Western site, that’s the first step towards declaring yourself as a unique individual who has the guts and gumption to take a chance at wearing something way different.

Think about that. It seems that so many of your peers have taken to wearing what everyone else wears. They wouldn’t think of straying away from today’s trend in jeans, shirts, and boots. It’s like – if it’s good enough for the crowd, it’s good enough for me.

On the other hand there are always a few rugged individualists who say “Hey man, I think I’ll have a pair of them great looking Caimans, simply because they are so darned unique. That’s the attitude that marks the true American spirit and gives those guys and gals their place in the sun.

So once again fellas, when someone at JC Western yells over to you: “Hey man, we have your Caimans waiting for you. Head online or to our store, belly up to the shoe counter and say to the guy standing there: “I’ll have me a pair of those incredibly great looking Dan Post, Birmingham Genuine Caiman Boots, size 10 ½ please and if you don’t mind, tell my friends on Facebook I like them … a lot.

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