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Dan Post Daisy Leather Boots

With their distressed sanded tan leather and laurels of daisies arranged delicately on the foot and shaft, you can walk down the flowery path of life as a flower child, reborn in your Women’s Dan Post Daisy Leather Boots. What an interesting concept.

Dan Post is known for their innovative decorating concepts. The daisies are just one example of the company’s handiwork. In this case the concept they present just plain looks like a comfortable pair of boots you’ve properly broken in. But there’s no mistaking what’s under the aged, distressed look of these high quality western leather boots. Each pair is as comfortable as you would ever hope for. That’s the mark of a quality boot from a leading US bootmaker.

These boots were built to do anything you like to to do. Dance, ride, walk, sit or just look terrific. They work great with jeans , shorts, skirts or whatever a flower child enjoys doing. So ladies, if any of these pastimes sound like something you can get your mind into, you need to do three things:
1.) Get online
2.) Give the boots a Like on Faceboo
3.) Order a pair of Dan Post Daisy Leather Boots from JC Western (on sale now).

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