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Men’s Dan Post Genuine Python Style # DP3040

Monte Python is a classic of sorts and so are these Dan Post Python boots, even though they are not at all connected. We are pleased to discover that someone has found a use for all the Pythons that have been breeding in the Everglades in south Florida. Actually we are not sure where Dan Post gets their Python leather. We hope it’s not from our backyard.

view-item-nowIf you take a close look at the incredible detail of the python leather, you will no doubt be impressed by its naturalbeauty. The leather is remarkable, but so is the quality of the workmanship that is evident on every pair of these exotic western boots. Reptilian leather has long been sought after for its use in quality bootmaking. They are as prized as alligator, caiman or any other exotic leather for their beauty and durability.

This is your opportunity to own a pair of limited edition exotic python leather boots. JC Western Wear has a full selection of sizes available at special Internet only prices, in stock for quick shipment. Be the first on your block to own your own python boots.

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