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Men’s Dan Post Genuine Python Boot

Florida is faced with an invasion worst then one coming from the Body Snatchers. Thousands of giant pythons have invaded the Everglades and are now moving steadily northward. You can help the situation if you buy a pair of Men’s Dan Post Genuine Python Boots.

These giant snakes are not native to Florida. They are here because people who obtained pythons as pets simply dump them in the wild when they tire of them. As obtrusive as they are, they are a beautiful species that can make a pair a boots something incredible to behold.

Dan Post is a master at converting reptilian skins into fine leather for their boots. That is quite evident when you first lay your eyes on them. That’s why python boots are high on every boot aficionados want list.

This is your opportunity to help control the spread of this beautiful but very invasive species and to own a pair of trophy Men’s Dan Post Genuine Python Boots. Let Dan Post do the snake catching and leave the boot buying between you and JC Western. Take advantage of the special pricing now in effect.

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