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Women’s Dan Post Blue Bird Leather Boot

Showing now at is a retailer-exclusive, online bargain worth $36.00 off of a richly chocolate-hued Women’s Dan Post Blue Bird Leather Boot. Gals will look stunning in this lusciously-colored footwear that will not put on pounds. Ladies can indulge without fear. This is an exceptionally captivating look this season. The autumn shades include bolder tones of green splashed into a must-glance-at, artsy leaf design around warmth-invoking hearts and awesome floral embellishments. Classy pull-tabs sport subtle eye-pleasing accent points of interest. The texture of this chic footwear choice is amazingly fantastic, with a sassy overlay and touch-me provoking elegant shaft features.

This model is detailed with the exact amount of intriguing detailing without appearing busy. This item is just right for any girl that intends to upgrade her modern day footwear selections. The main point of focus is a lovely bird captured in flight that adds mystique to the trendy 11″ shafts. The best materials are expertly used to create this endearing Women’s Dan Post Blue Bird Leather Boot. See it today by visiting Call561-748-8801.

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