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Desert Mirage Western Perfume

Get your extraordinary Desert Mirage Western Perfume over at This enchanting scent is brought to customers by Tru Brand Fragrance. Ladies will not be disappointed by this top-quality scent artistry that features a rigorous discerning process. Gals can afford this small indulgence that will be cherished and worn often. This item does not come on too strong as it is crafted in an Eau de Toilette form. Like many things, a cowgirl’s way of life was the inspiration for this western flavored fragrance. This, must smell to appreciate, scent boasts top notes of pink berries, tangerine and sparkling apple.

To achieve an end result that is balanced, the base is comprised of a slightly heady light musk combined with shite woods. The overall effect is a cohesive blend of sweeter floral and citrus with the earthen richness of the other ingredients. The manufacturer likens this intriguing female fragrance to suddenly coming upon a beautifully refreshing oasis after getting lost in the hot sands. Women are charging over to Facebook via for the Desert Mirage Western Perfume. Call 561-748-8801.

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